Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Legend Maker 1.2 Released

ZappTek has announced the release and immediate availability of Legend Maker 1.2 for Mac OS X, an update to their application which automatically converts book manuscripts from standard word processor files into eBooks. Converted manuscripts are properly formatted for the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony Reader, and other ePub-compatible devices, as well as reader software such as ibis and Bookworm.

Legend Maker requires no knowledge of HTML, and simplifies the creation of eBooks which may include images, audio, video, indexes, tables of contents, endnotes, footnotes, and complex layout and design.

Legend Maker 1.2 adds support for including audio and video anywhere in an ePub book. Users can create amazing multimedia books for the iPad and iPhone - perfect for including audiobooks, video guides, and bringing textbooks and manuals to life.

Feature Highlights:
* Legend Maker 1.2 converts text and document files into eBooks
* Book manuscripts are easily converted to comply with ePub formatting standards
* No knowledge of HTML or programming is required
* The app automatically carries over most layout and typography from the original
* The user can include a table of contents, endnotes, images, audio, video, hyperlinks, and more
* All standard eBook metadata is supported
* eBooks created are compatible with iPad, Kindle, nook, and Sony Reader
* eBooks created are compatible with reader software such as ibis and Bookworm
* Legend Maker 1.2 comes with free updates for life

Pricing and Availability:
Legend Maker 1.2 for Mac OS X is available now for $49.99 (USD), and comes with free, lifetime updates. A demo version, limited to 100 lines of text, is available as a free download. Review copies are available on request.

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Softpress Launches Freeway 5.5

Softpress Systems has announced the release and immediate availability of Freeway 5.5, the full paid-for upgrade to its award-winning web-design family. With its visual design model and powerful new features, Freeway makes it easy to create beautiful sites, presentations and email newsletters without the need to write code.

"Freeway 5.5 is here," Softpress Managing Director Richard Logan said. "The short Preview period preceding this launch has been a great success. Thanks to enthusiastic uptake we have found and fixed some small issues and tweaked the features based on user feedback. Now creating modern leading-edge websites, reliable email newsletters and stunning presentations will be a breeze in Freeway. Users, both professional and novice, will benefit from the innovative and improved tools for the creation of rich, dynamic and standards-compliant output. Enjoy!"

Alongside Freeway's extensive existing feature set, Freeway 5.5 has a compelling range of new functionality including:

Freeway Showcase:
Showcase lets you create a gallery or slideshow from scratch in minutes, with literally thousands of fully-customizable options. Showcase lets anyone - even absolute beginners - effortlessly build a professional, feature-rich gallery or slideshow, and in a time they would never have thought possible.

Import images into the Showcase application, via drag-n-drop (from the Finder, or from iPhoto/Aperture libraries displayed in the app itself), or by direct import.

A wide variety of appearance and layout options are available including borders, shadows, reflections and more.Supports common web image types as well as TIFF and native Photoshop files.

Relative Page Layout: (Pro-only)
Users can create complex CSS layouts that respond appropriately when content on the page changes in size or is added/removed dynamically - without needing to learn CSS. Simply visually design page layouts and have confidence that they will work properly every time.

HTML Email Generation:
The Create Email Action allows users to design emails and newsletters with fewer restrictions. When the page is published, Freeway will convert it into "email-friendly" HTML that can be opened up in Apple Mail, or dropped into a sending service.

Site Search: (Pro-only)
Easily add a simple yet powerful search facility to your sites. With no server-side technologies used, this effective search functionality can be used on all sites, even those hosted on MobileMe.

Search Engine Sitemaps:
The Site Mapper Action will keep search engines up-to-date by automatically generating Google-friendly XML sitemaps, and Yahoo! URL lists, each time you update your site.

Amazon Affiliation:
Connects sites up with Amazon sites that will pay you cash for all sales originating from your site. Amazon USA, UK, France, Germany and Japan are all supported.

Improved Upload:
Freeway now supports secure uploads through SFTP and FTPS, in addition to existing upload methods (FTP, MobileMe and File Copy).

New Templates:
A host of new and improved templates - all of them free and designed exclusively for Softpress and Freeway.

Pricing and Availability:
Freeway 5.5 Pro and Freeway 5.5 Express are both available for purchase from the Softpress Store. Full versions of Freeway 5.5 Pro can be purchased for $229, and Freeway 5 Express for $69. Upgrades from earlier versions of 5 to 5.5 are offered at prices starting from $25 for Express or $49 for Pro.

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Our new Forum is now open here or on the top tabs marks Forums, please register and post..

For the latest tech stories, follow us on Twitter at
@iphonepixelpost or @limerain_com
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