Sunday, August 22, 2010

Action Menu Adds Actions to Your iPhone Copy/Paste Menu

Action Menu adds additional actions to your iPhone's cut/copy/paste menu and now it supports iOS 4, iPad, and the iPhone 4's Retina Display. A new plus pack includes Locate, Find and Send to Pastie actions.

Included in Action Menu (free):
● Copy All sends the entire text in the current field, all the items in the selected table, or the entire text of the web view to the clipboard.
● Dial sends the number present in the field, web view or active table cell to the Phone application.
● Favorites presents a list of common phrases to paste into the current text field. List is customized via the Settings app.
● Scroll provides quick scroll to top and scroll to bottom buttons to make navigating tables and web pages quicker.

Included in Plus Pack ($2.99 for all six):
● History maintains a record of items that have been added to the clipboard for quick and easy pasting.
● Lookup integrates with Google Search, Wikipedia, Dictionary and Google Translate to provide quick info on the selected text.
● Tweet sends the selected text to your favorite Twitter client so you can get the word out.
● Locate pastes a link to your current GPS location on Google Maps.
● Find allows searching within a page in Safari, Twitter for iPhone and other standard web views.
● Send to Pastie uploads the selected text to for easy sharing.

You can install Action Menu from the BigBoss Cydia Repository.

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WebOS 2.0 Device With Retina Display Spotted in App Logs?

A Metrix developer log sighting reveals what may be a webOS 2.0 device with a 960x640 "Retina" display, according to PreCentral.

It’s happened again folks, another Metrix developer log sighting of the infamous webOS 2.0-running Roadrunner, this time packing an “HD” suffix. What, pray tell, does HD mean in this case? It means an iPhone 4-matching 640x960 resolution, or at least that’s what was reported back to the logs.

This is the second sighting webOS 2.0 in application logs but the first of a device that has a screen resolution of 640 x 960; the same resolution as the iPhone 4’s Retina Display.

HP recently announced that a webOS tablet would arrive in early 2011 but it's unclear when the company will release their first webOS smartphone.

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- Posted using my iPhone 4 Has Been Acquired By Google has been acquired by Google, according to a post on their website's homepage.

Like has been acquired by Google.

Since 2006, has been moving the frontiers of eCommerce forward one step at a time. We were the first to bring visual search to shopping, the first to build an automated cross-matching system for clothing, and more. We didn't stop there, and don't have plans to stop now. We see joining Google as a way to supersize our vision and supercharge our passion. This is something we are truly excited about.

Along the way we built a team that was not just hard working bus obsessed with the mission at hand. We are so very proud of this team, and they deserve all the credit for how far we have come. In addition, there are many folks outside the company who have been pivotal to our success. All the alumni are incredible folks who left our little company better than they found it. Our investors were patient, insightful, and supportive of our plans to build a bigger platform. Our merchant partners were cutting edge and innovation, and in many cases they were willing to try new approaches and new technologies to better the user experience.

Creating a startup is like painting an Impressionist canvas: on the one hand you try and reflect what the world looks like, and on the other you try and enrich - and maybe even change it with your creation. I think we achieved a little bit of both at



It's unclear what plans Google has for the company at this time...

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Apple Magic TrackPad Modded to Run Off USB Power

Markbog, a MacRumors forum member, has modded his Apple Magic TrackPad to run off usb power.

Hi all, thought you might be interested in this... I don't like using batteries in desktop peripherals, they're horrible for the environment compared to wired power, and there's no need for batteries when it's just going to be sitting on a desk all day. So I took out the batteries in the Magic Trackpad, stripped an old USB cord down to the red and black power wires, and attached them to a battery-sized dowel. Works great!

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James Cameron's Avatar for iPad On Sale for $.99

Gameloft is offering James Cameron's Avatar for iPad at a limited time sale price of $.99.

Enter the beautiful and dangerous world of James Cameron’s Avatar. Go deeper into Pandora than you ever thought possible with HD graphics that bring the war between humans and Na’vi to life on your iPad.

Embark on a new, original journey of redemption and discovery two decades prior to the film’s events. As the first experimental avatar, experience the amazing powers your new body bestows. But will you use those powers to save the Na’vi, or will you work with the humans to destroy their world?

Witness the magic of Pandora, from beautiful landscapes teeming with dangerous life forms to epic and explosive battles, all in highly-detailed HD graphics.

Go on a journey of exploration, danger and adventure in an unimaginable world. Fight for survival in tense action sequences against ferocious beasts and carnivorous plants. When the battle reaches its height, take to the skies of Pandora on a banshee in epic shoot‘em-up sequences.

Customize the game’s interface by rearranging buttons on your touch screen as you like.

Join the Na’vi in their native village. Help protect their world by joining their desperate struggle against the humans.

Explore every aspect of Pandora, the world created by James Cameron. Discover 15 levels, from human-built mines and military strongholds to waterfalls and jungles alive with bioluminescence.

Discover Na’vi fighting techniques. Train your precision as you master the bow and perform combos with your fighting staff. You can also master human weaponry including high-powered guns.

The film voice of Neytiri narrates the epic story

What's New In This Version:
Crash and other bugs fixed

You can purchase James Cameron's Avatar for iPad from the App Store for $0.99.

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