Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Apple Quietly Introduced Online Music Streaming Via MobileMe App

Apple has quietly begun testing online music streaming via its MobileMe iDisk app, according to Michael Robertson, CEO of MP3tunes.

The feature came via a July 6th update to the application but has gone largely unnoticed.

This is not "iTunes in the cloud" but it is definitely moving the Cupertino company in that direction. First off there is no automated way to get all your iTunes music to your iDisk account. To load files to iDisk you have to select individual files and upload them from your browser. (Apple does let you sync Calendars, Contacts, Bookmarks, etc directly from OSX but excludes music files.) Secondly there's no support for playlists so your iTunes playlist do not work in iDisk. There seems to be no way to play a list of files. Cover art is not supported as well. And while iDisk will cache other files, it will not cache music files. Still it's not hard to see how Apple is adding features to enable it to support audio in it's cloud storage business.

Robertson notes that this feature is likely offered without the okay from Universal Music Group who told net companies that streaming music files requires entering into a license and paying a per stream fee. Apple's service allows unlimited sharing (no username or password required) and now background streaming - all without a license from the record labels.

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How to unlock any iPhone using ultrasn0w

This tutorial will show you how to unlock any iphone on 4.0.1 or 4.0.
Note your iphone must be jailbroken before you attempt to unlock if you need help with this click here
Step 1
Start at springboard

Step 2
Open Cydia

Step 3
Open manage tab on bottom

Step 4
Select sources

Step 5
If you don't see ( then follow these instructions to add it, of you have it pre installed the skip this step.
1.Select edit on top right hand side. add top left hand side and type in as you see here

Then press addsource then
Press confirm ( it will refresh the sources page) and go to next step

Step 7

Step 8
Select ultrasn0w ( make sure it's version 1.0-1

Step 9
Press install on top right hand side

Step 10
Place in any simcard and your done.
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For the latest tech stories, follow us on Twitter at
@iphonepixelpost or @limerain_com
- Posted using my iPhone 4